Philly Walking Tours

Uncle Bobby's (Center City) Philly Strolls


Uncle Bobby's (Center City) Philly Strolls
15?Hours - Non-Historic - Do It Yourself
(Do a Little ~ Do a Lot)
Quick ~ Easy ~ Cheap
Call 215-465-6006, 24/7

You'll see lots and lots of things no one sees!
Plus, get help with all that history stuff and all the other tourist stuff
from a native who's done it all $... (over and over...)

Tourists' Lament...
#1 You'll Figure It Out!
#2 If I knew then what I know now, I would have seen a lot more
and gotten a bigger bang for my buck $

For hotel location strategy or just to chit-chat...gimme a call.

Most male tourists under 55 are smug, smacked asses
interested in control way more than seeing stuff...

I deal with women, gays, and the "seniorish".
No *groups, royals, weenies, or chump change
215-465-6006, 24/7
*(small groups accommodated)

P.S. Absolutely no one will help you more...
Absolutely no one!

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